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“Bono” Backpack for every

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You will never imagine that there is a backpack which is very suitable in every condition. You can use “Bono” as a school bag, for work, and also for travel.. You can put laptop inside because there is a laptop compartment.  NIION High quality nylon polyster  will protect   your goods inside.

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    Bono designed with big size and an unique  model, there is no zipper in the main part of bag but strap to open or close the bag. With 5 selection colour you can choose your favorite colour. This will make everyone who use “Bono” look so stunning. “Bono” inspiring by stunning people who loves to travel.

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    Beside that, “Bono” is very light, it will very help you who bring the heavy goods. With “Bono” you will travel around the world easily and simply. Because NIION listen to your problem and give the sollution.
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