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“Brodi” bring anything

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NIION comes with “Brodi” to carry your problem.
With totte bag design which is look stylish and super cool, makes Brodi suit for every single activities like go to campus, hang out with friends, go shopping and more.  High quality material from NIION makes brodi suit for all weather  and keep it light even when you’re carry a  heavy goods.

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    As a bag crafter, NIION also support to reduce plastic waste with this “Brodi”. Because “Brodi” can also stand in for plastic bag which carry all your shopping goods. Much benefits  and give you a more value

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    “Brodi” can be applied as a sling bag or hand bag depend on what you need. Presented with basic colour selection which raise the style of people who choose her.
     Simple designed but perfectly suit for your  easier and stylish life
    Get The Brodi, Bring the value. Just  click...