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fav thing with "Cali"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This bag  is very suitable for you who want look fashionable but need so much goods to carry. The design is so unique and you will never find this kind of bag in others. From the outside, “Cali” look so small and beautiful but after you look inside “Cali” you will find the special thing of this bag. “Cali” has three comparment which is quite big. So you can bring all your stuffs without worrying there will be goods left.

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    “Cali” can be used as a sling bag or handbag. If you need to go to party, Cali can be used as a handbag . If you are in travel or go shopping, you can use it as slingbag to easy your activity.

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    Our Nylon Polyester will protect your goods inside from unexepected moment like a heavy rain.. Inspired  from a girl which is cute and smart.

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    Available in basic color which will fulfil your  basic need.
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