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Say Hi to Pokemon Go!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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    Who doesn’t know Pokémon Go!? Pokémon Go! is one of game which can downloaded on your devices. These free games is released on July 2016 and the users increase continually. If you doesn’t know these games, we would like to share you a link How to Play a Pokémon Go! Pokémon Go! become one of phenomenal games which can be a centre of attention by many people from an ordinary citizens to the government. Through the good or bad reviews about these games, don’t stop to play it but be wise to play! Fun fact about Pokémon Go! will be shared by NIION for you. Just check this out, Companiion!

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    French Citizen is Entering Indonesia Military Quarter to Hunt a Pokémon. - Romain Pierre (27) was hunting a Pokémon while jogging and he’s entering a Military Quarter bravely just to collect his Pokémon. It banned by the Police because it’s threaten the security of quarter.

    You Can Make a Friends with People You didn’t Know Before - It’s a good timing for you to expand your relation by playing these games! While playing a Pokémon Go! you might catch a new boyfriend or girlfriend in the places you didn’t expect before or unluckily you just meet your ex with her/his new boyfriend or girlfriend at the same time.

     Pokémon Go! will Makes You Healthier - Pokémon Go! will let you run from one place to another place just to get a Pokémon! It’s better than you sleep at home or just being a couch potato.

    Are you interested to play these games? See the things may can accompany you while hunting the Pokémon!

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    Yasss! NIION Lulu, NIION Lunar Running and NIION Duffle can be your best companion while hunting the Pokémon! The colour is yellow and it so match with one of character on Pokémon which is Pikachu. You can bring your gadget, headset, power bank, mineral water, sunglasses and any kind of starter kit for hunting a Pokémon with these NIION Lulu and NIION Hipbag. How cute, isn’t it? Get your NIION Lulu, NIION Lunar Running and your NIION Duffle easily at our webstore (, chat our customer service at LINE (@niion / niion3) or come to our showroom at Jalan Galunggung 1 no 4, Bandung. Available in many colours!