Trainspotting 2 may not bring the same spirit of rebellion as the first film but it brings a more contemporary wisdom or cynicism, "Choose Life, Choose Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and thousands of other ways to vomit your bile to people you have never met. Choose to update your profile, tell the world what you have for breakfast and hope for someone, somewhere to care.

In Indonesia (and the world of course) Instagram and Snapchat have become passports for us to be "accepted" socially. We display images, change colors, add filters, dissect ourselves to be images that we want people to see. Rainbow presentation that can alienate, the way we look at ourselves already depends on how much "likes" we can get ot how many of "our followers". On the other side, Instagram and other social media platforms are tools that can be positive, a creative machine for creating our more artistic personalities, more boldy than we dare to show in daily life. In social media there are artistic projections that will make Picasso smile, " Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand". A "True Colors" feels likes in Phil Collins’s song, captivating stories about individual choices.

Inspired by that paradox, Niion as a brand choose to experimenting with our new series of bag. Throughout the history of our brand, Niion has always been created as an embodiment of the "young " and "fun" but we found it would be more fun if you could personalized yourself through our bags. The "See-through" series is the concept from Niion where through our bags, the "Personality Show" aspect that you have familiar through social media can resonate in real life. You can put your favorite cigarettes, beloved books, everyday paraphernalia and make the passerby guessing your personality and how you live a life through our new transparent application design. Found in a waist bag, in a laptop bag, in a backpack; a transparent design will shape the image of who you are: your old pal will be surprised when they "peeping" your bag, Strangers probably be intrigued and buy you a drink to get know you more, and your potential soulmate will be amused to see his/her favorite music cd inside your bag.


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