Collection evokes the balance of life. We want to share one o the issue that we live side by side every single day. These whole collection is designed to deliver the message of "Be bold and serious in anything we do in life, but do not forget to have some fun"

The life of urbanites has been being the central theme of NIION ID's collection, including this latest one. The contrasting colour, the rigid lines, reflects the formal-routine of most adults in metropolises. The surprise factor which surreptiotiously put inside the bag is our way of whispering the reminder of not forgetting to have fun. For this CFA Show, NIION ID shares its current concern about the Orphanage to be located in front of our Bandung Headquarter.

It's kinda bug our mind whenever we realise that the world we are tryng to create right now with our desigs have any touch point to the world these special kids live in. We really wish that the collection will not only creating a ripple to the fashion industry, but more than it i'll be an initial resonance of the caring gesture from a fashion brand to any kind of issue that happened outsidethe fashion-world. To wear something good, to feel good, and to do good.

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