Your Travel Secondary Bags

The journey was began in 2013, four determined souls developed products that people unconsciously need. The products that bring functionality and act as a style item as well. Some people called as the brand with thoughtful product. Since users are being our main focused, no wonder we received such compliments.

NIION is stealthily supporting Green Attitude through the value we attach to each of the product : Less material combination, Less Accessories Used, Reusability, Durability, Made of Natural and Recyclable Material. In shorts, we’d like to do everything to step closer to a complete user product experience. 

Multi Color Collection
The Multi Color Collection is the result of an influential festivity happened in the year it’s launched : The World-Cup Brazil 2014. The color-code of several idolized countries chosen through a number of tight argumentation are applied carefully to the bags so that style and support comes hand in hand.

Designed with the practicality value kept in mind, the foldability features that ease the storing activities. This brings additional value to the bags so that it can act as the additional bag to carry the unexpected luggage gotten from the vacation home.

Signature Unicolor
Inspired by the contemporary culture of lifestyle product these days, Unicolor brings a bundle of freshness to style. Unicolor directions come to most of NIION products and grows up to become NIION notorious signature colorway.

Multiple Styling
Just like weather, mood, and currency, everyone changes constantly and needs something that understand this natural behavior. Available on selected products, the NIION bags allow the multiple styling to ensure that every of you getting the chance of having something stylish and adaptive.

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