Los n Family; A sweet collaboration of fresh fruit, with colorful hues of rigging

Los n Family; A sweet collaboration of fresh fruit, with colorful hues of rigging

Bandung--The collaboration of two different brands and walks from Bandung, namely Niion and Los Tropis was finally held, 23 December 2022 at Grammars Bandung.

This collaboration released the latest collection, namely Ross and Joey's collection from the FnF Collection from NIION, which is wrapped in a touch of colors inspired by Los Tropical fruits. Watermelon, Orange and lime leaves represent the season.

The concept of gifts (hampers) "Hand Fruit" became a trade package that was launched. The narrative was buying fruit at the Ranum Trade Market and getting a bag as a souvenir.

Los Tropis also issued a menu of specially made (local) drinks together with Ghalim Pati, named Poem of Poem, Layer of sunkist. Billy Radian completes the celebration with Loli Los using sugar substitutes and processed fruit.

All this joy can be enjoyed from 23-31 December 2022 at Grammars, Jln. Cihapit no 6 Bandung.

“A simple offering from two different personas. Soft orange and blue wrapped in fruit nets. Green and red, bring out the watermelon hue. Blue gives an added touch of vibrancy. Picking oranges, hoping that in the following years LOS n Family will rise. Please come and pick up gently, line up with color styles and go with the brand. Hopefully the shared ideas that line up will bear sweet fruit.”

Being an editorial collaboration of 2 Jenema, which was written directly by Farhan Suryadi, who is the Founder of Los Tropis himself.

The event opened with a talk session, delivered by Adit Yara from NIION, Farhan Suryadi from LOS Tropical and Zanun Nurangga from Grammars, as well as translated by Laurensia Dita from Los Tropis, Zahra Tamara from Grammars and Qisthi Gaisani from NIION moderated by Anggia Bonyta, talked about their role as women in business which made the launch of the Los n Family collaboration even more memorable because of the personal stories they presented.

After the talk, each guest present was treated to "swirling" music by Nabila Ajmarina while enjoying snacks from Alley Nikmat and Freshness from Los Tropis. While shopping for the "handmade" gifts that were presented.

All of these collaboration collections can be obtained for a week.

23-31 December 2022 at Grammars

Jalan Cihapit No. 6 40114 Bandung.