The view of activity in Indonesia before pandemic is very normal when we do. Gathering, having fun and walking outside is a common thing we do with many people and people nearby. There is no distance, no boundaries and all feels so close without any restrictions.

But the view of Indonesia's life is a lot of our normal activities or routine that seemed to stop and replaced with new activities that make us want to not want to adapt and start to get used to it if still want to survive. Even to just get out of the house becomes very worrying.

Although a lot of our normal lives a few weeks ago disappeared, but it will appear on the next day a ' new normal ' life style that is a new habit and trend when there is and the end of this pandemic. The positive side that we can take is that we are more aware of how important it is to look at and keep our bodies especially when the activities outdoors that make us more alert to the surrounding environment. These new habits and trends become very important in the normal life of tomorrow.

Because pandemic that exist today many people are hit by anxiety because of the scarthing of medical masks nowadays, therefore on 5 April 2020 ago The government announced the program recommended ' masks to all '. The Program is in accordance with the encouragement of WHO and the CDC body, which encourages everyone to wear masks and materials that are encouraged by the Government in accordance with the encouragement from WHO and the CDC itself is a cloth mask.

Because of the recommendation, NIION inspired to help #companiion overcome the problems experienced during this pandemic.. Yes NIION has grown in different levels by producing a face mask with Nylon & Polyester base material which according to WHO and CDC research itself is in the recommend as standard material for all medical devices such as APD and Hazmat Coverall. Even according to the source from WWW.CAMBRIDGE.ORG/CORE mentions that the cotton material PROVED as much as 69% is effective enough to withstand particles. For the production of this mask alone NIION works with local convection vendors to help keep their convection running.

But #companiion knows that Nylon & Polyester fabric itself has actually been used since 2013 until now to produce all of its bags. Nylon and Polyester itself are the strongest fibers of other common fibers. Nylon has excellent resistance to mold, insects, and chemicals and lightweight materials. polyester has a fiber that is flexible, durable and not easily wrinkled, anti-fungal, bacterial and easy to dry. With the characteristics of Nylon and Polyester NIION, successfully produces the highest quality premium bags.

Why Nylon Fabric & Polyester? According to the Standardization of American Textile Association (AATCC – American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) explained that the Nylon & Polyester fabric used by NIION is found to have a figure below 0, 5g. What does that number companion? The NIION fabric is said to have a very good water resistance. Maybe the companion often cravs that NIION material is a Splash-Proof? Yes that's why NIION from 2013 used the quality of materials that have passed the test by the textile hall with the code AATCC42 Water Resistance: Impact penetration test determines the ability of a material to resist water penetration under spray impact (AATCC 2000). And that is also the reason why the NIION masks make also using 100% Nylon & Polyester material.